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Participate in next showcase On June 23, 2024, You can experience what it's like to be the star and be part of the showcases at the stunning Robert B. Moore Theater located at Orange Coast College. Experience the thrill of performing on stage in an actual theater, captured forever in stunning photography and video to commemorate this unforgettable moment.

What include:

-photos of the showcases


-lighting effects, and more.

​Don't need experience or a partner. We charge a participation fee for this event, which includes video and pictures. Additionally, you will invest in costumes for you and your teacher, and private lessons or group lessons at least once a week (check Plans & pricing; to know the cost some of the lesson includes membership 1 for free)

Invite your loved ones to share this transformative experience as you shine brightly under the spotlight and feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins. This is your chance to feel like a true star, embrace the spotlight, and showcase your talent to the world.


Participation fee: $150 this, including two dance 

Team participation fee: $50 for each person for each dance. 

Custom for your teacher depend on you budget. 

Date: Sunday June 23/24

times: calling time 2:30 pm/ pictures section: 2 pm/ run through: 3:30pm showtime:5:00pm 

Location: Orange Coast College/ Robert B. Moore Theater 2701 Fairview Rd Costa Mesa, CA 92626. 


OC fear event Benjamin and Andrea 

Celebrity Showcase at Performance Pacific Art June 2023 Kamran and Andrea

OC Fair Showcase at Costa Mesa Benjamin and Andrea

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