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Group Classes 

You don't require prior experience for Fundamental classes or a partner to join any level. Our unique teaching approach is focused on fundamental instructions and emphasizes practical knowledge. Our dance classes offer a friendly and enjoyable learning atmosphere. We have two locations, Costa Mesa and Long Beach. 

For an enhanced dance experience

We provide Salsa, Bachata, and ballet classes for beginners and intermedia advanced levels, plan ahead and schedule your class in advance for just $15. Additionally, explore our cost-saving options by checking out our various packages and three different membership plans directly on our website under 'Plans & Pricing.' Opting for these packages not only ensures a budget-friendly approach but also allows you to maximize your dance journey. For those spontaneous moments, we welcome walk-ins at $16, payable in cash or through Zelle. Join us and let the rhythm move you!"

Courtesy free class for Follower participant on your first time !

At Andrea Elmore Dance, we are thrilled to extend a special offer to all first-time female participants! Enjoy a courtesy free class for both Bachata and Salsa. Simply go to Book Online  and reserve your spot, go check out  for the section and click on add promo code ( onlynewcustomers) only work for new customer for salsa and bachata group classes. Embark on an exciting dance journey with us. We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant dance community!"

The follow's role is to respond to the lead's signals and follow their movements. The lead is responsible for initiating and suggesting movements to guide the dance.


New schedule

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Example of Foundation Bachata 

This a good example of our class in Long Beach this is a mix class with new and old student 

All Classes 

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