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About me

Life through dance

Why a dance school  


Andrea Elmore saw the necessity of dance in everybody life, dance literally change her life in addiction, is more significant and happier now,  Her biggest dream is To Share all her experience achieving a dance carrier in Colombia as professional dancer in different ambit, such as acrobatics, contemporary dance, ballet and ballroom.  Give  THIto the service of people helping to achieve their Dance Goal, and other important thing is enjoy the benefit of dance such as that she learn is how she can help people to  whether a hobbie or as professinal she want to have a space for everyone in her school  this knowledge with you,  is her biggest dream, you may think  you don't  have the skill  to become a professional dancer, or may be know that you could, however you not Ideal how to start it has so many benefits that you can’t miss such as physical, emocionally, when to try a dance you will notice that is a part that miss in your life, is this because dance is a peace social skill and help as to communicate in others and grew a sense of community also form an integral part of human developing and for the way that our society is we have been missing this for generation, I want to bring dance back to our communities and the places that most need, this is why we develop a program that includes everybody, Kids y adult, we also developing online programs and affordable price for communities around the world and programs also for help talented kids and adult to get close to become a dancer and performance. 


So when you are paying for classes or activities we guarantee that we will teach you with honesty and truth and that we want to give you all the tools that will help you to grow and not just steps to memorize, because we know great are more than that.  Also that we are helping people who don't have the resources to be close to their dreams to become a dancer.

Andrea's Story

Originally from Colombia, Andrea graduated in 2009  from the Dance institute Escuela de Artes (La E.D.A), and was part of the Carlos Franco Ballet in Barranquilla, and learned popular rhythms for Colombian and Urban Dance. Her desire to learn more led her to Cartagena de Indias in 2010, where she began her studies in contemporary dance, with an emphasis on choreography and pedagogy. At the Colegio Del Cuerpo  (eCdC), directors Álvaro Restrepo and Marie France Delieuvin taught her to develop and explore her talent for the dance performance, and in 2012 the Colombian Ministry of Culture awarded her a scholarship to continue her professional training. She gained more experience as a contemporary dancer and instructor, participating in different projects such as MA, Arroz Barato, and worked as a manager on Manzanillo del Mar. She was invited to perform with the company El Cuerpo De Indias, where she toured internationally, and performed at festivals and events such as La cumbre de las Américas 2012.

In 2013, she won her second scholarship from the Colombian Ministry of Culture, and started working with Master Carlos Jaramillo, the Father of Contemporary Dance in Colombia. She continued on to work for Triknia Dance Company, performing Aerial Silks, and performing Contemporary Dance at events including "La Esquina Desplazada".  In 2016 she moved to the United States and did an internship at the Kauai Dance Center in Hawaii, where she dedicated herself to studying Classical Ballet, Hula, and Tahitian Dance. In 2017, she became part of the Edward Morgan Ballet Company in New York City, where she trained as a soloist, and trained to reach her greatest potential and reach her goal of becoming a professional Ballerina. She decided to make her dream of becoming a director come true, and founded the Andrea Elmore Dance Academy in 2019.

She wishes to share with you her pursuit of dance, inclusive, pedagogical, and without limitations. She researches and shares knowledge of the impact of dance in society, culture, and on the lives of individuals. She creates affordable programs to make dance accessible to those most in need.

Get Started!

If you are looking at this page, it is because you know that you want to learn to dance, maybe you do not know how to start yet, we will gladly explain how we can help you and what is the fastest way to start so that you achieve your goal. Like any skill, it takes time and requires a process. book a class now to start or book an online consultation

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