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Ballet Classes 

Get your groove on and unleash your inner Dancer with our Ballet Adult Class in Costa Mesa—perfect for beginners all ganders and dance enthusiasts.



Ready to unleash your inner dancer? Join us for a fun-filled Ballet Adult Class in Costa Mesa. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, the Dance teacher Andrea Elmore will guide you through graceful movements and elegant techniques. This in-person event is perfect for those looking to improve flexibility, posture, and overall fitness. So put on your ballet shoes and get ready to pirouette and plié like a pro! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to embrace the beauty of ballet. See you In class! 


Limited spot make sure you reserve online, we also take walk in for $16, we offers packages 5 lesson, memberships and private lesson. Also, get a FREE courtesy class for your first time make sure you book your class and use this code (onlynewcustomers)

Photo of graceful ballet dancers expressing themselves
Dance Instructor

Dress Code 

The dress code for ballet classes is typically designed to allow instructors to see and correct the dancers' body alignment and movements. Here are general guidelines for a typical ballet class dress code:

  • Leotard:

Female dancers: Wear a solid-colored leotard. Black, pink, and other muted colors are commonly accepted. Some schools may have specific color requirements.


Male dancers: Wear a fitted T-shirt or tank top.

  • ​Tights:

Female dancers: Wear pink or flesh-toned ballet tights. Convertible or footed tights are both acceptable. 

Male dancers: Wear black or flesh-toned ballet tights.

  • Shoes:

Female dancers: Wear pink ballet slippers. Pointe shoes are only necessary for those at the appropriate level and have received approval from their instructor.

Male dancers: Wear black or white ballet slippers.

  • Hair:

Hair should be neatly secured and away from the face. Most often, female dancers wear their hair in a bun. Male dancers may keep their hair short or pulled back.

  • Accessories:

Limit the use of jewelry and accessories. Avoid dangling earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that may interfere with movement.

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