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Wedding Dance 

This is one of the most special moments of your wedding, we want you to have the most magical experience of presenting to the world the first wedding dance, let us help you to make this moment memorable, without losing your head in the attempt.

Confetti Show at the Wedding

If you do not know where to start, let us help you with the following aspect of your wedding dance:

1. Have ever danced before? don't worry! we teach you all that you need to know in order to do your wedding dance,  you will need some time to learn and this is why you should start as soon as possible.

2. Help you to select the music and give you advice based on what you like.
3. Choreograph your wedding dance step by step, looking for the best movements that suit you.
4. Adapt your wedding dance to the spaces where you are going to dance.
5. Dance guide to handling yourself with grace and style, taking into account your wedding dress and shoes that you will wear on your special day.

6. Prive lesson for you with facilities of the online lesson if you need to. 

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