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Pricing Plan

How does it work ?

Plan and pricing are monthly plans where you can set up automatic payments, which is for you to save money and time. If you buy a plan, you can schedule classes or private lessons by yourself. the instruction is at the end. We offer you de following plans: 

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1 Sign Up

To purchase this plan and use its benefits in the future, log in to your account or sign up.

2 Payment

Order summary

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Secure Checkout

Save money and time by buying our packages and scheduling your classes.
1. Select the packed ones you buy, and you will receive a confirmation email. You must create an account on our website for purchases these packages. 


2. Once you receive an email, click the VISIT US button; it will send you back to the website to schedule your private lesson or class. Go to BOOKING locative in our menu and select the service, date, and time that best fits you. For more information or special accommodations, contact us.

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